• Check out the new Alligator Point sign at the Welcome Garden. A big thank you to Michelle Darpel / Laurie McCarter for organizing the purchase /shipping, and to Gary Darpel / John McCarter for the installation.

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  • Many Thanks to John and Laurie McCarter for their hard work improving the Welcome Garden! Also, a big thank you to the Water Resources Board for waiving fees and installing a new water valve for the plantings!


Local Focus: Alligator Point Sea Turtle Patrol

In the current Local Focus we highlight the great work done by our Alligator Point Sea Turtle Patrol. Led by AP resident Mr. Bill Wargo and ably assisted by a dedicated team of volunteers, The Alligator Point Sea Turtle Patrol (APSTP) operates under FWC Marine Turtle Permit 151 (MTP 151). As Mr. Wargo explains, their "mission is to monitor, evaluate, protect, and record nesting marine sea turtles and hatchlings. Also, we rescue, evaluate, and transport, stranded sea turtles. We provide turtle-related information and education to the public, schools, organizations, news media, and other groups. APSTP authorized personnel are FWC trained and qualified to be sea turtle patrollers on MTP 151 and permitted to: 1. conduct nesting surveys; 2. conduct stranding/salvage activities; 3. outfit nests with self-releasing screen/cage; 4. maintain & display preserved specimens." (A list of our current APSTP members can be found on the APSTP page on this site. See info below. Please take a moment to thank these hardworking volunteers when you seem them on patrol or around the "Point"). Mr. Wargo continues, "This is my 16th year as Director of the Alligator Point Sea Turtle Patrol and MTP 151. After retiring as an FSU professor and state director of technology education, I served a 2 year apprenticeship and passed a FWC state examination to qualify and be granted MTP 151. It has never ceased to be exciting and is a labor of love. The FWC sea turtle conservation program is one of the best wildlife conservation programs in the world and has contributed greatly to bringing back sea turtles from near extinction. The most endangered sea turtle in the world, the Kemp's Ridley, is one frequently found in Alligator Point waters." "APSTP highly appreciates the cooperation and support of our community and others in the mission to protect and save our precious sea turtles." To see more click on the "local interest" tab above, select "A.P. Sea Turtle Patrol" from the drop down menu and go to their page on our website. Be sure to click on their facebook link and like their page. Volunteers are always welcome, please consider joining the APSTP and contact Mr. Wargo for more information