• New Temporary Traffic Signal on Alligator Drive

    Temporary Traffic Control Devices are now in place to manage one lane traffic on the storm damaged section of Alligator Drive. The signal is calibrated to work for vehicles traveling between 15 and 20 miles per hour. Please drive at a safe, reasonable speed, but keep moving.

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  • Franklin County Public Notice Regarding Dumping Roadside Debris

    The Franklin County Solid Waste Department has issued a Public Notice regarding roadside debris. The notice emphasizes that contractors cannot dump construction debris anywhere in Franklin County on the right of way.

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  • Alligator Point Aerial Video by Isaac Lang

    Aerial video of Alligator Point. Click on "Read more" below.

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  • New Sheriff Sub Station Dedicated on Alligator Point

    A new Franklin County Sheriff Department Sub station on Alligator Point was dedicated on April 4, 2017. Sheriff Smith is pictured on left with the cowboy hat.


Alligator Point Taxpayers Association

The Alligator Point Taxpayers Association (APTA), the homeowners association on Alligator Point, recently modified its by-laws to expand the geographic service area to include St. Teresa and Bay North areas. Our service area now includes all of the area included in Alligator Point/St. Teresa Fire District.

Our mission is to work together as a community to represent our interest in Franklin County. Together we can maintain and possibly improve our future on the West end of Franklin County.

We have and will continue to represent our members as Franklin County property owners, to continue as an effective voice before the various councils of local, state, and federal government.

APTA is always working for the property owners of Eastern Franklin County:   

  • Working to assure our area has representation in the affairs of Franklin County
  • Working to control and coexist with the Florida Black Bears on our end of the county
  • Working with the sheriff, fire and emergency services on homeowner safety and security.
  • Assuring a APTA representative at Franklin County Commission meetings.
  • Working to assure fire and emergency protection for our area.
  • Supporting the purchase a new ladder fire truck and building a new fire station, near the corner of highway 98 and highway 370.

 We have an e-mail notification system to notify our members of issues and actions that we deem important and time sensitive.

Any interested person is welcome to attend our monthly Board meetings at 10:00 am on the second Saturday of each month at the Mission-by-the-Sea Church on Alligator Drive (Highway 370).

To join APTA look elsewhere on this site for our membership application and send it along with your check for $30.00 for your annual dues.