11 March 2020 – FEMA announces a further delay in Alligator Drive Repair / click here for more

On 11 March, APSTA vice president and road committee chairman, Gary Darpel held a phone conversation with Mr. Alan Pierce of Franklin County Administration. Mr. Pierce explained that he had just been contacted by FEMA and informed that rather than starting the road repair in the very near future, as everyone had been expecting, they now need to conduct a new “Environmental Assessment” for the damage caused by the most recent storm.  There are other recent assessments that have been completed and Mr. Pierce attempted to convince FEMA to use one of those, rather than delay the project again. At this point he has not been successful. The expected delay is estimated to be 3-6 months. This delay will likely require increases in the price of construction and put the date of completion into this year’s hurricane season.

The Franklin County BCC meets again next Tuesday @9:00 in Apalachicola, Mr. Pierce will  informing the Commission of this development at that time. The APSTA board will be discussing the topic at our meeting on Saturday (10:00 @ Mission by the Sea) with an eye towards working with Franklin County to address this last minute change in the most effective manner possible. We will post any action decided upon on the website and notify our members via email of any developments.