Alligator Point Road Repair and Protection Meeting June 9, Mission by the Sea

You are invited to a public meeting regarding the repair and protection of Alligator Drive at Alligator Point Florida, hosted by the Alligator Point St. Teresa Association.

On Saturday, June 9, 2018, at 10:00 am, the Alligator Point St. Teresa Association (APSTA) will be conducting a community meeting to share information about the current situation regarding repair and maintenance of Alligator Drive East of the old KOA property. That damaged section of the road is currently a one lane dirt road with a temporary traffic light.

The presentation will include a history of damage and repair to the road, past and current funding facts, and a discussion of road protection options and permanent erosion solution options going forward.

The purpose of this meeting is to provide property owners with the facts regarding the status of the repair of the damaged section of Alligator Drive and to also discuss proposals for long term solutions for protection of the vulnerable sections of the road.

These long term solutions will be outlined and options will be proposed for consideration and if you are a property owner, you will be provided a ballot to voice your opinion on the proposed solutions. This will be a “straw ballot” poll – not binding in any legal respect, but designed to solicit some consensus of those property owners in attendance, that can be conveyed to the Franklin County Board of County Commissioners for its consideration.

The agenda includes:

Welcome by Terry Madigan, President of APSTA

Introduction of Meeting Facilitator, Gail Riegelmayer

“Franklin County’s Efforts to Repair Alligator Drive” by Alan Pierce, Franklin County Director of Administrative Services

“Current Situation and A Historical Perspective” by Jim McCloy, APSTA Board Member

“Review of the 4 Choices for road protection”

Public Questions and Comments

Straw Ballot – one vote per Alligator Point property owner(s)

Adjourn Meeting

Please take the time to attend this very important meeting on June 9 at Mission by the Sea Church on Alligator Drive, Alligator Point, Florida.

Doors will open at 9:30 am and a sign in desk will be available.

If you want to receive a status report email following the meeting, please provide us any email you want added to our email list