Annexation to Wakulla County

The Following is a publication of all the events that have taken place relating to the possible annexation of Alligator Point and Bald Point from Franklin County to Wakulla County in descending order. If you want to review these from the beginning go to the end and work back. It all started with the public meeting on June 9, 2018 on possible self funding for beach renourishment to protect the road, assuming FEMA and the county was going to repair it. In that meeting there was discussion of a toll road or a possible self imposed MSBU (annual assessment) to raise $250,000 per year to fund maintenance for road protection. In another public meeting on October 20, 2019 discussing recovery from Hurricane Michael it was apparent that property owners were frustrated with the inability of Franklin County to expedite the repair of Alligator Drive and their lack of a plan to open the damaged road. Subsequently the road was opened by Emory Mayfield a property owner at a financial loss to his company. Property owners frustration is about much more than the road.  There is a comment form at the end of this posting. Your comments will not be posted on this site. They will be forwarded to the author.


Full text of Annexation Article in the Tallahassee Democrat January 19, 2019

Alligator Point Annexation Public Hearing, Tuesday, January 15, at 1:30 pm.

Approximately eighty people from Alligator Point and one person from St. Teresa attended the Franklin County Commission Public Hearing on Tuesday, January 15, 2019.

This public hearing was conducted to allow property owners from Alligator Point and Bald Point to present their thoughts regarding the possible Alligator Point and Bald Point annexation from Franklin County to Wakulla County

Twenty four people from Alligator Point voiced their opinion regarding annexation, road repair, trash pickup and other issues regarding Alligator Point. Most presenters expressed opposition to annexation.

Speakers included: Marvin Heymann, Jim Cummings, Betty Cummings, Jay Wadworth, Ann Maruscak, Ken Osborne, Kristin Guynes, Kasy Guynes, Brady Harrison, Bob Glazer, Rick Slater, Cindy Slater, Rick Slater, Derek Holtzapfel , Ron Husky, Edna Bratham, Ben Houston, Allen Feifer, Georgianne Metts, John Berry, Jim McCloy, Susan Booders, Marvin Helms, Rudy Meng and from St Teresa Robert Gates.

The commission after much discussion voted to oppose annexation to Wakulla County.

There appeared to be agreement that the Franklin County Commission is willing to work with Alligator Point community going forward. There was strong sentiment from the presenters that with a new commissioner in Bert Boldt that we could look forward and not dwell on the past.

The meeting was not videotaped.

APSTA Public Meeting on Annexation to Wakulla County January 12, 2019

President McCloy reviewed the actions leading up to the announcement at the Franklin COunty Commission meeting on January 2nd regarding the possibility of Alligator Point \Bald Point annexation to Wakulla County. Franklin County Commission subsequently have announced a special meeting on Tuesday, January 15 at 1:30pm asking to hear the opinions of local residents.

He feels the association should send a letter to all property owners explaining the current situation before any final decision is made.

A motion was passed by the board of directors requesting the County to defer any public meetings on annexation until a future date.

Many of those in attendance voiced their opinions and asked questions regarding annexation.

Franklin vs Wakulla Annual Tax Comparison

These two files are the comparison taxes for a home valued at $200,000. The difference is $432.82. But it is complicated. Franklin County does not charge for solid waste pick up, Waste Pro is $300.52 per year and Wakulla collects 196.00 (104.52 less), Wakulla County charges $4.00 more per year for fire service, these last fees are one time, no matter the gross value of the property. The each charge differing amounts for vacant property as opposed to improved property. It roughly 16% more per 100 thousand in property value in Wakulla County.

Franklin County Commision Contact Information

Alligator Point Annexation to Wakulla County: Franklin County Commission Public Hearing, January 15th at 1:30 pm. Franklin County Courthouse Annex. Commission Contact Information

The Franklin County Commission wants to hear from property owners on Alligator Point and Bald Point.

Let the commission know what you think about the possibility of annexation to Wakulla County. If you are for it, against it, or you need more information (taxes, services etc.). Feel free to talk about road repair, as it relates to annexation, however, annexation is not just about road repair.

Franklin County Commission phone numbers


District 1     Commissioner Ricky Jones        (850) 370-0478

District 2     Commissioner Bert Boldt          (850) 519-4966

District 3     Commissioner Noah Lockley      (850) 653-6978

District 4     Commissioner Smokey Parrish       (850) 323-0881

District 5     Commissioner William Massey      (850) 491-3445

Commission email addresses


Bert Boldt

RIcky Jones

Noah Lockley

Smokey Parrish

William Massey


Annexation Video of Commission Discussion January 3, 2019

This is the video of the commission discussion on annexation January 2, 2019.This includes Jim McCloy’s testimony and lengthy discussion by the commission members. Ending with a motion to conduct a public hearing on January 15, 2019 at 1:30 pm at the Courthouse Annex in Apalachicola.

Annexation Article in the Apalachicola Times January 3, 2019

Article in the Apalachicola Times, January 3, 2019 about possible annexation and discussion at the Franklin County Board of Commissioners meeting on January 2, 2019.

Alan Pierce Report to Franklin County Commission January 2, 2019

Franklin County Board of Commissioners considered allowing Alligator Point and Bald Point annexation to Wakulla County on Wednesday, January 2, 2019. The link below provides insight into the issues involved and Alan Pierce’s full report to the commission on the possible impact of annexation. Embedded in the report is a graphic of the berm recommended by the consultant and a graphic outlining the area being considered for annexation.

Statement by Jim McCloy to the Alligator Point St. Teresa Association Board of Directors December 8, 2018

This is the text of a statement read to the APSTA Board on December 8, 2019. This was the first time this issue had been discussed in public. Prior exploratory inquiries had been conducted quietly to ascertain if this option was even possible.

Full Page ad in the Tallahassee Democrat November 2018

This is the full page add entitled “Franklin County’s Forgotten Citizens, A tale of Broken Promissses and Abandonment by Government.”

APSTA Public Meeting on October 20, 2018 on Hurricane Michael Recovery

Alligator Point St Teresa Association notes of an information meeting on Hurricane Michael Recovery.

APSTA Public Meeting Notes on June 9, 2018 on Self Funding for Road Protection

These are the notes from the June 9, 2018 public meeting discussing self funding for a proposed beach renourishment project (to protect Alligator Drive from future storm damage) to raise $250,000 per year for maintenance. Funding strategies discussed included a toll road or an MSBU (annual assessment). A vote was taken and no decision was made.

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