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The APSTA Board will be discussing and voting on possible changes to the corporate bylaws regarding the number of required Board members – click here to read more

At the request of president Marvin Heymann the board will be reviewing the corporate bylaws with special focus on the required number of Board members. There are continual issues trying to fill the 15 seats currently required and some members have questioned the need for such a large Board. Please come and be a part […]

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Speed Limits on the Point – Update: The Board will be discussing options with our commissioner Bert Boldt, Sheriff A.J. Smith, and Franklin Co. Road Superintendent Howard Nabors – click here to read more

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APSTA is currently gathering information from our members, the community, and the Sheriff’s department on the feasibility of adjusting speed limits on Alligator Drive downward slightly to provide an additional level of safety for residents and visitors. With the flow of traffic restricted from the washout to the current Fire Station, the congestion at the […]

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Alligator Drive Information Updates / Video reports – click to read more

7 May 2019 / Video Update from County Commission Meeting Go to 9:40 for start of Restore Coordinator’s report – Click Here to View      

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7 May 2019 / New Video from Franklin County Commission Meeting discussing Franklin County Health Care Concerns – Click Here

New Video from May 7 Commission Meeting regarding Franklin County Health care options and possible town meetings for public input. – Click Here

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