Dec. 4th / Dec. 14th – APSTA organized events to provide additional info on Spat Nursery/Zoning change- click here

SPAT NURSERY / RE-ZONING – Additional opportunities to gather accurate information


APSTA has arranged two opportunities for our community to further educate themselves on the proposed spat nursery and zoning change prior to the December 17th meeting of the Franklin Co. BCC.

1) on Wednesday, December 4th, APSTA has organized a trip to view a similar, existing operation in Cedar Key, Fl.. This facility is also owned and operated by Mr. Tom McCrudden and he has agreed to be on site that day to answer any questions and discuss concerns. The plan is to leave by caravan from the Mission By The Sea at 9:00 am on Wednesday morning. It is approximately 3 hours to Cedar Key and APSTA has offered to buy lunch for those attending. Please call Andrea Novak (850-363-3663) or Gary Darpel (913-909-3774) if you plan to be there.

2) Paul Parker has agreed to attend our next APSTA meeting (Dec. 14th @10:00AM) to provide additional information regarding accommodations being made to address many of the concerns previously discussed. Further clarification on set back requirements, a vegetative buffer, noise mitigation, light mitigation, and additional voluntary zoning restrictions for the property will be provided. Also, an engineered site plan with elevations will be available for viewing. As always, the meeting is open to the public and everyone is invited to attend