Franklin County authorizes Dewberry Engineering to advertise contract for temporary repair of Alligator Drive. Bid opening scheduled for May 21 – click here for more


A full copy of Alligator Drive portion of the written report is below:

RESTORE Coordinator Report
April 16, 2019

2-I recommend the Board approve the proposed contract with Langton Consulting for
RESTORE related services. Mr. Shuler has reviewed the contract. I have been
advised by Langton Consulting that their current fee structure is under review by
Treasury, and that the outcome of the Treasury review will be applied to Franklin
County so that we keep in compliance with Treasury rules. Board action to approve
Representative of Langton might be present to make brief comments.

3-Board action to direct Dewberry to advertise bids for the repairs to the temporary
road on Alligator Drive, and open those bids on May 21. The temporary repairs
include widening the existing road to two lanes, reworking the debris field, and
putting down an asphalt surface. When this work is complete the traffic lights will be
removed. The county will turn the winning bid into FEMA; FEMA will use those
actual bid numbers to create a PW of the same value, and then Franklin County will
award the bid consistent with the PW. This will assure that Franklin County will get
reimbursed for the work done by the contractor.
While I had hoped this work would get done by June 1, it clearly will not, but
we are making progress. All I can do is explain to the Board and the public that the
complications of the Alligator Drive project have not changed just because we have
outside consultants, FCMC, involved. The location of the road and the repetitive
damage it has suffered has made this project the poster child for multi-jurisdictional
bureaucratic review.