Hurricane Michael Telephone Numbers

The following are some of the telephone numbers we have accumulated to call for assistance.

We also are posting similar informationo on the Alligator Point Facebook page.

To get the latest information from your neighbors at Alligator Point\Bald Point go to

and log on with your Alligator Point address. This is a site where neighbors communicate with neighbors on Alligator Point.

FEMA (to register) 800-621-3362
Chief Financial Officer, Office of Consumer Services (to file an insurance complaint) 877-693-5236
Citizens Insurance Company 866-411-2742
Safe Harbor Insurance 866-482-5246
ASI Insurance 866-960-6925
Fed Nat 800-293-2532
Media Com 855-633-4226 (they have a invoice forgiveness program called Seasonal Program)
Florida Disaster Unemployment Assistance 800-385-3920