19 October 2019 / Information on Property Re-Zoning for Oyster Aquaculture Spat Nursery/ click here for info

Below is a post from Paul and Stephanie Parker (Tuesday, 15 Oct) regarding the possible re-zoning of a portion of their property off Tom Roberts Road on Alligator Point. They attended the October APSTA meeting and presented a informational report on the requested zoning change and background on the anticipated business operations. Please feel free to contact Paul directly for more information (his contact info is listed at the end of the post).

Good evening, the Franklin County Commission voted today to schedule a public hearing for our request to down zone a portion of our property from C-3 Commercial Recreational to C-1 Seafood to allow for a shellfish hatchery on the waterfront portion of our property.

We feel that this is a less intensive use for the waterfront portion of our property than our existing C-3 Commercial Recreational zoning that allows for fish camps, campgrounds, hotels, motels, restaurants, and marinas. There is no effluent or chemical processing. The environmental impact is a net gain with shellfish providing valuable water filtration. Additionally, if this project is successful, it will provide much needed spat to help rebuild natural oyster bars in the area. Since the hatchery is only expected to employ 4-6 people, the traffic impact would be minimal. We intend to lease the property to an experienced operator of 2 other shellfish hatcheries in Florida that approached us with a proposal to lease our property.

My wife and I have lived full time on Alligator Point for over 28 years now, have raised our sons here, volunteered in the fire department for over 25 years, served in multiple community organizations, started our businesses here, and we would never do anything that we believe would be detrimental to the community. If anyone has any questions please feel free to call me directly at 850-566-6200 or email to paul@harborpointrealty.com.