Shorebirds Nesting Breeding Season Notice

wipl hatch, egg, chick 1 day

July 4th weekend is generally a high impact to nesting areas of shorebirds and seabirds.

Beach-Nesting Bird breeding season is still active throughout areas in the Eastern Panhandle.  Please be part of the efforts to help these rare species continue to survive!

Help educate others with simple messaging: Respect posted nesting areas; Keep dogs leashed where allowed and respect ‘no dogs allowed’ areas.

If you bring your dog with you while boating, please keep dogs on the boat or in the water. Those actions help minimize disturbances to Florida’s threatened species and increases survival for eggs and chicks! Your dog will stay cooler in the water also! Thank you so much for any help. Volunteers still needed: contact  Learn more, check out the video at:

Bonnie Samuelsen

Audubon Florida

Shorebird Project Coordinator

Monitoring and Stewardship

Eastern Panhandle


FB: Florida Panhandle Bird Stewards