11 May 2020-Proposed Modification to Alligator Drive Multi-use Pathway Approved – click here

new post – Per a request by APSTA, the FDOT has extended the deadline for for submittal of final plans and paperwork on the new Bike Path project. This extension has provided the time needed to formalize the proposed bike path modifications, they have been approved by the Franklin BCC and Commissioner Boldt has agreed to pay for the plan modification through his discretionary paving fund. The preliminary modification drawings are below for reference. We will post the updated plan when it becomes available.

previous post -APSTA and Individual homeowners have been working with Commissioner Boldt and County staff to modify the Multi-use path to minimize the impact of required clearing, grubbing, and tree removal. We hope to end up with a multi-use path that will be a better fit for our Community. The area under consideration is on the north side of Alligator Drive from the boat ramp/public parking, east  to the current fire station. The bicycle path portion of the project remains unchanged. A complete set of drawings can be found in a previous post. Please see the attachment below for the proposed revision.

preliminary revised drawings