23 April 2020 – Alligator Drive Repair update – Click here for more information

The information below was provided earlier this week by Gary Darpel, APSTA Vice President and Road Committee Chairperson. It was also posted on the Nextdoor app.

I had a long conversation with Alan Pierce this morning. He shared the following good and bad news regarding our new road:


1.       FEMA  has now set a finish date to complete a new SEA ( Supplemental Environmental Assessment) for the road. That date is 8/1/2020. This is in addition to the one done after Hurricane Hermine.


2.       Money has been obligated for the road but not officially approved. This means that after the SEA only signatures would be required to secure the funding.


3.       The beach nourishment issue is dead for right now as the funding was not included in this legislative session. Funding may be more difficult to obtain due to the financial affects of the coronavirus.



            4.  After the SEA is completed the bid will

           have to be renegotiated with the



5.       The good news – there are 3 congressional inquiries into why FEMA has brought up these points about a new SEA being done after the bids and contracts have been signed to begin the project to build the new road.


I will continue to follow with Alan Pierce on this matter. My conversations with Mike Dombroski, the engineer in charge of the renourishment project, will remain open as needed until more progress can be made. This information will be posted on the APSTA website as well. Thank you all.



Gary Darpel