Franklin County Commission Discusses Long Term Repair of Alligator Drive

The Franklin County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) at it’s meeting on May 16, 2017, discussed their concern for the long term survival of Alligator Drive.

Alan Pierce presented a well documented presentation to the Commissioners regarding the options for the long term protection of Alligator Drive where it is vulnerable near the old KOA. Presentation link below

The BOCC instructed Alan to notify the other RESTORE fund project sponsors of their intention to use the initial $4 million of RESTORE funds available to Franklin County to fund the shoreline protection project for Alligator Drive IF the County can obtain matching funds for the initial construction costs. If the matching funds do not materialize, the RESTORE funds become available for other projects.

There was some discussion about a $250,000 annual maintenance funding requirement to maintain the shoreline protection project long term. The BOCC is looking for “users” of Alligator Drive to provide those funds. There was some discussion on toll road / annual pass concepts.

The Alligator Point\St Teresa Association (APST) will be working with the county on researching viable alternatives for obtaining those maintenance dollars consistent with the APST Board’s directions and discussions with Alan Pierce.

Click on the Alan Pierce presentation below containing the report he provided the Commissioners.It is a good description of the project concept and construction costs.

BOCC Alligator Drive Presentation