Summary of APST Board Minutes October 2017 (road repair)

Summary from the October approved Alligator Point\St Teresa Board of Director minutes (complete minutes posted under Association scroll down to minutes)

Bids for Alligator Drive road repair are set to go out in March of 2018.

Repair work will consist of sheet piling with a concrete cap.  There have been discussions regarding road repair and a road mitigation beach re-nourishment program, possibly funded by a user fee in the form of a toll road.  Apparently, the Franklin County Commission has cooled to the idea of beach re-nourishment and a toll road.  Also a milled asphalt resurfacing of the damaged section (currently a temporary dirt section of Alligator Drive) is to be combined with Chip Morrison Road repair work.

Public safety issues associated with the one-way section of Alligator Drive were discussed, as were possible options (including litigation) for prompting the county to move forward at a faster pace.

There was some discussion regarding the hiring of a consultant at the September board meeting, no action has been taken.  President Madigan told the Board that no traffic study was conducted in researching the golf cart ordinance.

Franklin County recently acquired the former South Shoal property, thus ending the dispute between them and Capital City Bank.

The board recently discussed the  possibility of a community meeting regarding a shoreline protection, however, there is a lack of specific details regarding any suggested or proposed project moving forward.