Alligator Drive Road Repair Update, December 21, 2016

   “The county has submitted cost estimates to FEMA for repairing Alligator Drive back to its pre-storm condition.  The total estimated cost is $3M.  FEMA has decided to hire a contractor/consultant to review what the county has submitted as this is a complicated project.  The consultant FEMA hired is familiar with the situation on the Point, as the consultant was involved with FEMA decisions back in 2004 when the road was seriously damaged, and the county received enough FEMA funds to purchase land and relocate the road.  The consultants are going to make their own site visit in early January to assess what needs to be done.
    This may seem like a step backwards for the consultants to have to come on their own, but considering that these consultants assisted the county in getting adequate funds to move the road in 2004, Alan Pierce believes these consultants will be supportive of providing enough money to get more protection for the road.”

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  1. Dan Scheer says:

    Can you please disclose who the Consultant is that will be doing the evaluation.
    Thank you,