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Bill WargoDirector and MTP
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“Alligator Harbor is one of the world’s largest feeding grounds for the Kemp’s ridley turtle, which is the rarest and most endangered of all marine turtles. The area’s abundance of blue crabs, jellyfish, shellfish and seagrass provide an important food source for all sea turtles. The unspoiled waters and beaches are valuable breeding and nesting grounds for marine sea turtles. Alligator Harbor, in addition to being a valuable natural resource, is also archeologically rich with several Miccosukee/Seminole Indian artifacts and burial mounds surrounding the harbor.”

  — Bill Wargo, Coordinator, Alligator Point Sea Turtle Patrol


Marine Turtle Permit 151

Name:          Alligator Point Sea Turtle Patrol, Inc. (APSTP)

Address:      1295 Angus Morrison Road, Alligator Point, FL 32346

Telephone:  (850) 567-5369 (cell), (850) 349-2295 or (850) 707-1067


Web Site:


2019 Authorized Personnel

1) Name:            Bill Wargo        Address: 1295 Angus Morrison Road, Alligator Point, FL 32346

Telephone:   (850)567-5369 (cell),   (850) 349-2295 (home),   (850) 707-1067 (Turtle Nest)


Notes:           Marine turtle permitholder #151.  Patrol coordinator.  Will patrol all zones not covered by a volunteer and all zones at random times.  Will assess all crawls and screen, stake, and shield all nests.  Will handle all hatchlings and strandings and other patrol business as required. Will be responsible for all records.  HAZMAT certified. ((FWC req’d training, annually)


2) Name:           Kathleen Sheard        Telephone:  (406) 369-5698 (cell)

Email:   Web Site:   Notes:   FWC training 2020


3) Name:      Michele Polland     Telephone:   (850) 933-6834 (cell)

Email:    Notes: FWC training 2021


4) Name:           Keith Grumbly                 Telephone: (850) 933-2327 (cell)

Email:    Notes: FWC training 2021


5) Name:           Heather Crutchfield         Telephone:(850) 933-7775 (cell)

Email:  Notes:   FWC training 2020


6) Name:           Lora Simpson      Telephone:   (850) 445-0025

Email:  Notes:  FWC training 2020


7) Name:           Tracy Corbitt            Telephone:   (850) 443-6770

Email:  Notes: FWC training 2020


8) Name:           Susan David            Telephone:   (352) 284-1613 (cell)

Email:    Notes:  FWC training 2021


9) Name:            Bob Hoelzle       Telephone:   (850) 728-8845

Email:   Web Site:   Notes: FWC training 2021


10) Name:          Marie Jackson   Telephone:  (308) 430-2990 (cell)

Email:   Notes:   FWC req’d training 2021


11) Name:          Laura Rich      Telephone:  (850) 524-3647

Email:      Notes:   FWC training 2020


12) Name:          Joseph Harper     Telephone:  (850) 694-8689

Email:      Notes:       FWC training 2020


13) Name:          Michelle Darpel         Telephone: 859-797-8332

Email:        Notes:    FWC training 2021


14) Name:          Bill Muroski              Telephone:  407-508-4756

Email:          wjmuroski@gmail.comNotes:          FWC training 2021


 15) Name:          Diana Muroski           Telephone:  407-922-8221

Email:     Notes:    FWC training 2021     



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