Alligator Point/St Teresa Board Meeting May 13, 2017 Report

Alligator Point / Saint Teresa Association (APSTA)

May 13, 2017 Board Meeting


The primary focus of this meeting centered on Alan Pierce’s remarks and discussions in behalf of the Franklin County Board of Commissioners (BOCC) pertaining to their consideration of a shoreline protection project designed to protect the critically eroding areas of Alligator Drive. As background on this project, I refer to part of a previous email sent to you reporting on the May 2, 2017 BOCC meeting:

Shoreline Protection: The BOCC expressed considerable concern with the frequently reoccurring costs associated with storm damage repair to Alligator Drive. Their concerns focused on the impacts and potential future impacts of repair costs for Alligator Drive and their capability to provide for long term availability of the road. In search of a longer term solution, they are considering the use of the counties initial RESTORE funding and matching funds reportedly available from the State to install shoreline protection works along approximately 1 mile of critically eroding shoreline beginning around Chip Morrison Dr. and extending east to Mud  Cove. It appears funding for the initial project costs may be available. However, funding for periodic maintenance at an estimate $250K per year would need to be raised. Alan Pierce will be attending the May 13 APSTA Board meeting to provide information and preliminary discussion on this topic.

Mr. Pierce told the group the project area being considered is described as beginning on the west end of Chip Morrison Drive and extending some 1100 feet to 1500 feet east beyond the eastern end of the temporary one lane road now in use over the storm damaged section of Alligator Drive. Total project length of approximately 1 mile. The BOCC is considering use of their initial $4 million of RESTORE funds (BP oil spill money) plus and additional $ 4 million of State matching funds (available only for beach re-nourishment projects) to fund the initial project construction. The project being considered is a beach re-nourishment creating an area of sacrificial beach separating the storm wave action from the protected area of Alligator Drive. Because this is a sacrificial beach, re-building the beach will be necessary on a periodic basis. The estimate is for maintenance re-nourishment every 8 years at a cost of $2 million. A fund to accomplish this maintenance work will require $250K contribution each year. The BOCC is looking to the users of Alligator Drive to fund the annual maintenance contributions.

Several ideas and options for funding the maintenance costs were discussed. The discussions pertaining to the payment for vehicle passes and collecting tolls from all users of the road seemed to be the more acceptable option discussed. Another option would be assessments on property taxes. There remains a need for a lot of research and consideration on how best to raise the necessary maintenance funds should this project mature.

After a good bit of discussion, the APSTA Board passed a motion to communicate to the Franklin County BOCC their support in continuing to pursue this project as presented by Alan Pierce and to advise the BOCC that APSTA will work with the BOCC to identify maintenance funding sources that equitably distribute costs among all the users of Alligator Drive.

When questioned about the status of repairs needed to the damaged section of Alligator Drive, Mr. Pierce advised the group the action on this matter lies with FEMA. The county has provided the information necessary to apply for FEMA funding for the repairs. FEMA has funded all other Franklin County Hurricane Hermine projects submitted for funding. For some unknown reason the project to repair Hurricane Hermine damages to Alligator Drive has stalled in the FEMA Region 4 Office. He suggested individuals may want to consider contacting their elected representatives at the State and Federal level regarding this matter.

In other matters:

Sgt. Jim Ward with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department presented the information contained in their report on law enforcement activity in our area for the month of April 2017:



1             GRAND THEFT OF U.T.V. (Utility Vehicle was recovered and case solved)

3             RESIDENTIAL ALARMS   (All OK, False Alarms)

1             ILLEGAL DUMPING REPORTED   (Items were removed, All OK)

1             REPORT OF ILLEGAL DRINKING (All subjects were of age, all OK)

1             FIRE – VEHICLE (Fire was Extinguished, everything OK)

5             MEDICAL PROBLEMS


58 –        TOTAL INCIDENTS                                                                     0 – TOTAL ARRESTS

No recent developments in the effort to obtain Golf Cart Community status for our area. The County Attorney is currently working on a “County wide” ordinance addressing this matter.

The APSTA Board approved an Elections Committee comprised of:

Ben Houston – Chairman, Carol Kimbrough – member, Carol Rippee – member, Judy Lewis – member, Rudy Meng – member

This committee will develop a list of nominations to submit for Board approval to fill upcoming 2 year Board seat vacancies and a full slate of APSTA Officers to serve a one year term starting in September 2017. Ballots will be mailed out to all APSTA members (current in dues payment) in early to mid-July.

Eddie Sosebee