Alligator Point\St Teresa Dumping and Parking Ordinance

To: Alligator Point Property Owners

This letter is in the spirit of community. The Board of Directors of the Alligator Point\St. Teresa Association would like to make you aware of several important issues facing our community.

We have taken steps recently to improve the aesthetics of and the law enforcement presence at the Point.


You may have noticed new temporary red and white signs indicating “No Dumping.” We believe Alligator Point property owners and renters share our objective to improve the cleanliness and uncluttered view when driving down Alligator Drive and adjacent streets.

With that in mind, we are sharing the details of Franklin County Ordinance 97-19:

Property owners are not authorized to place eligible debris on property other than on property they own, or have an owner’s permission and then within 15 feet of the curb (within the right-of way). Placing eligible debris across the street or anywhere other than on property they own is a violation of the county debris removal ordinance. (Dumping Policy is available on this web site)

APTA respectfully requests property owners to limit the placement of debris in front of and on the property they own, or to get permission of the property owner if placement at another or an adjacent location is necessary. There are limits as to the amount of debris a property owner may place on their property at any one time.

Franklin County is enforcing the dumping ordinance at the request of the Alligator Point\St. Teresa Association (APSTA).

Debris not eligible for pickup includes construction debris, demolition debris, land clearing debris, tree cutting debris, household hazardous waste, or large volume: any piece of debris that exceeds four (4) feet in length or six (6) inches in diameter.

Roadside Trash Pickup Once a Month:

We would appreciate if you would keep in mind that the county picks up roadside trash only once a month, on or near the first of every month. If possible, please try to limit your placement of allowable debris on or near the first of the month.

If you hire someone to make improvements in your beach home, we would appreciate it if you would require them to remove the construction debris from the Point.

Mandatory Garbage Service is being considered. The Franklin County Commission is currently considering mandatory garbage service for every building in Franklin County. Presently, there is no mandate that every dwelling and business have garbage service. APSTA supports mandatory garbage service at Alligator Point.



A strong no parking ordinance, sponsored by Franklin County Commissioner Cheryl Sanders with support from your association, has been unanimously adopted and became effective in October. It applies to all unattended vehicles including campers, trailers and boats parked in areas along public streets and public property designated by “No Parking” signage; specifically including, but not limited to, Alligator Drive and Bald Point Road.  Appropriate signage has been erected.

There are three “no parking zones” in the vicinity of the three beach access walkovers: at Chip Morrison, Mardi Gras and Fiesta Drives, and the “S” curve.

Penalties include non-criminal fines (first offenders), towing and impoundment of vehicles (in severe cases). Flagrant and repeated violations may result in second degree misdemeanor charges.


The recently passed no parking ordinance on Alligator Point is being enforced by the Franklin County Sheriff Department. In coordination with Sheriff Mock, the Alligator Point\St. Teresa Association has recently initiated hiring off duty Franklin County deputies to enforce the parking, dog leash and trespassing ordinances. Deputies are patrolling the Alligator Point beach area, Alligator Drive, Chip Morrison and adjacent streets.

In addition to monitoring parking, they are reminding beach goers that parking on the right of way in areas posted no parking is contrary to county ordinance, that there is a leash ordinance and cautioning against parking on and trespassing across private property to get to the beach.

It is unfortunate that this type of ordinance is necessary; however, the flagrant disregard for private property and the volume of visitors require some enforcement of reasonable parking and animal control regulations.


Annual Membership is only $30.00. Send your check to the Alligator Point\St. Teresa Association, P.O. Box 213, Panacea, Florida 32346-0213. If you want to be on our email alert list for important notices (once or twice a year) please include your email address.

In addition to our dedication to improving the cleanliness on the Point, enforcing reasonable parking and enforcing the leash ordinance, we attend every County Commission meeting and support the turtle patrol. Presently we are pursuing the construction of a new firehouse on Alligator Drive near Route 98 and the purchase of a ladder truck for our Volunteer Fire Department. We have recently expanded our service area to include Bay North and the St. Teresa area.

Please consider joining us soon.

For more information, write or call:

Jim McCloy

President, Alligator Point\St. Teresa Association