Annexation to Wakulla County FAQ

Will My Taxes Increase?

It appears property taxes will increase approximately 10%, however, the actual facts are complicated and many statements are untrue. We are developing al comparison which should be ready next week (January 8)

Does Wakulla County Want Us?

Wakulla County has indicated a willingness to take us if the annexation succeeds, however, they are not aggressively pursuing this action.

When Will Annexation Take Effect?

It is up to the Florida Legislature when the effective date of any legislation will be. The Legislature meets in March.

How Can I Get More Information?

On this site on the home page, look at the documents under the heading “Annexation to Wakulla County.” Also, there is a public meeting planned on Saturday, January 12, 2019 at the Mission by the Sea Church at 10:00 am, Annexation and Repair of Alligator Drive will be discussed.

How Can I Have Input?

You can complete the contact form at the end of this posting.You can contact the Franklin County Commissioners who are considering to vote to support or oppose annexation.

Bert Boldt

RIcky Jones

Noah Lockley

Smokey Parrish

William Massey

Contact Form

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