Paul Parker

Purpose: The purpose of the Beautification Committee is to plan for the improvement of the appearance of the Alligator Point.

Goals and Current Action Items: Our goal is to improve the appearance of Alligator Point.

Current Status of Action Items: We have recently conducted a clean-up day and are constantly working on clean-up of road side trash.


Web Site

Chair: Jim McCloy

Purpose: The purpose of the Web Site Committee is to provide a working web site containing relevant information for APTA members and other interested parties.

Fire House Building

Chair: Jim Apthorp

Purpose: The purpose of the Fire House Building Committee is to coordinate with the Alligator Point\St. Teresa Volunteer Fire Department to expedite the building of a new fire house on donated property South of the corner of Highway 98 and Alligator Drive.


Chair: Georgianne Metts

Purpose: To identify and solicit potential new members and to plan and schedule membership events.

Government Coordination

Chair: Ben Houston

Purpose: To monitor the meetings, proposed and completed actions of state and local governments as they relate to visitors and homeowners of Alligator Point and surrounding areas. This committee endeavors to attend or at least monitor county government meetings on a monthly basis.