DOT Supports Waiver for Alligator Drive Road Repair

At the Feb. 21 Franklin County Board of County Commissioners, the Florida Dept. of Transportation (DOT) was present and responded to two requests from the county commission. 
    1.  The Board has repeatedly asked the state to take over all of Alligator Drive.  On Tuesday, DOT representatives presented the commission with a letter from the Disrict Secretary saying the road did not meet the criteria for being part of the state highway system.  The county was not offered any options, changes, or improvements to the road which would cause the Dept. to reconsider their decision. 
    2. The Board also asked the Department to “aggressively support” the county’s petition of a waiver of the local match for the FEMA funded improvements as a result of Hurricane Hermine damage. 
As property owners may be aware, FEMA staff have agreed to fund some $4M worth of improvements to the Alligator Drive.  Under normal circumstances, a local government is required to contribute 12.5% of the costs of repairs that FEMA funds. 
So, if the actual costs of the repairs were $4M, then the county’s share would be $500,000.  The county does not have $500K of free money to contribute to the cost, so it is very important that the Governor grant the county a waiver.  On this issue, the Department was supportive.  The representative told the commission that the Department has already contacted the Governor’s office on behalf of the county. 
Approximately twenty property owners from Alligator Point were present at the County Commission meeting on Tuesday. Paul Parker made a short statement on behalf of Alligator Point\St. Teresa Association in support of the waiver.