Girl Scout Troop 443 Alligator Point Beach Clean up February 27, Was A Success

Sammy Fadool and friends at February 27 Beach Clean up

Sammy Fadool and friends at February 27 Beach Clean up

The Girl Scout Troop 443 Alligator Point Beach Clean-up held this past Saturday, February 27, was a complete success.

More than 60 volunteers attended and dozens of trash bags were filled. Trash bags were deposited in an over-sized dumpster located adjacent to the firehouse.

Volunteers were furnished gloves, trash bags, and water and dispatched to various beach areas around the point, including Bald Point

Many thanks for to those who participated and sponsored the Alligator Point Beach Clean-up!

At the conclusion of the mornings clean-up, volunteers were given hot dogs, chips and cookies for lunch and a t-shirt. There was also a free raffle for door prizes donated by local sponsors including Mineral Springs Seafood and Bait, Crum’s Mini Mall, 2 Blondes Liquor and Gifts, Big Daddy’s Pizza, Ochlocknee Bay Realty/Pink Flamingo Beach House Rental, and Clay & Chlorophyll.


Beach adopters (beach area annual sponsors) include – Harbor Point Realty, Ring the Rivers Realty, Florida State University Biological Honor Society, Bert and Sheryl Boldt of Tallahassee Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, Ambassador Troop 443, and Clay & Chlorophyll Downtown Market.


Organizers also wish to thank the Alligator Point Tax Payers Association, Andrea Wise Novak, Steven Fling, Ms. Maura at 2Blondes, and Jim McCloy for assistance, donation, and coordination.

A special thanks to Mr. Paul Parker at Harbor Point Realty for serving as Sammy Fadool’s Official Advisor for her Gold Award Project.


This event was organized by Sammy Fadool, with Girl Scout Troop 443 as part of her Girl Scout God Award Project.