New Tom Roberts Road by pass under construction

SKMBT_60014 Tom Morrison by passFranklin County is in the process of constructing a new by-pass extension of Tom Roberts road.
The by-pass is a Westerly extension of the road which turns South just before the Firehouse on Alligator Drive.
The road will eventually be the by-pass around Alligator Drive directly in front of old KOA Campground or sometimes referred to as “South Shoals”.
The County has been mandated by court order to remove the construction debris that has been serving as protection (part of a revetment) for part of Alligator Drive in front of the old campground.
That material is in the process of being removed and will weaken the revetment which some say will fail and damage the road in a future storm.
The by-pass will provide a route above the lower portion of Alligator Drive and hopefully ensure passage to the Western end of the point.SKMBT_60014 Tom Morrison by pass