No Parking Ordinance Enforcement on Alligator Point


A strong no parking ordinance sponsored by Franklin County Commissioner, Cheryl Sanders with support from your association, has been unanimously adopted and became effective in October. It applies to all unattended vehicles including campers, trailers and boats parked in areas along public streets and public property designated by “No Parking” signage; specifically including but not limited to Alligator Drive and Bald Point Road.  Appropriate signage has been erected.

There are three “no parking zones” in the vicinity of the three beach access walkovers;  at Chip Morrison Drive, Mardi Gras, and Fiesta Drives and the “S” curve.

Penalties include non-criminal fines (first offenders), towing and impoundment of vehicles (in severe cases). Flagrant and repeated violations may result in second degree misdemeanor charges. It is unfortunate that this type of ordinance is necessary; however, the flagrant disregard for private property and the volume of visitors requires some enforcement of reasonable parking regulations.

Deputies Sheriffs are presently issuing verbal and written warnings; however, enforceable written violations and towing will begin prior to the beginning of the summer season.