Public Meeting Saturday, July 9, Possible Public Park at Old KOA Property

Public Meeting Saturday, July 9, Regarding Possible Purchase of Old KOA and Public Park Development.

A few weeks ago, the Alligator Point\St Teresa Association was contacted by a representative of the Trust for Public Lands to explore the possibility of purchasing the land on Alligator Point adjacent to the rock revetment often referred to as “the Old KOA” or more recently “South Shoals” or “Southwest Cape”.

The Trust has limited funds and several projects they are considering; this is just one of them.

The purchase and any subsequent design and construction of a park at this site is in the discussion stage and nothing has been decided.

The Alligator Point\St Teresa Association has indicated from the first mention of this possibility that they are very concerned regarding: possible parking design, opposition to any direct beach access, and concern regarding the number of bathrooms and future maintenance of facilities. The association board has not voted to support, or oppose this project.

The Trust has suggested that bathrooms would be necessary, however, they would be open to discussion regarding parking design and number of parking spaces , possible picnic tables, some sort of elevated platform over the rocks (not over the Gulf) for fishing and a possible launch area on the Bay side for kayaks and canoes.

“The Franklin County Board of County Commissioners would first like to hear from the property owners on the Point regarding this project before any decision is made.”

A public meeting has been scheduled for Saturday, July 9, at 10:00 am, at the Mission by the Sea Church at 772 Alligator Drive, Alligator Point, Florida 32346 for county leaders to hear from the property owners on the Point.

Please plan to attend this important meeting and get the facts regarding this potential purchase and the possible construction of a public park.

Fact: No decision has been made regarding the purchase
Fact: Alligator Point\St Teresa Association has not voted to support, or endorse the purchase.
Fact: There is no “plan” to abandon Alligator Drive and re-route traffic to Tom Roberts Road by-pass.
Fact: There is no “plan” to increase public access to the beach.
Fact: There is no “plan” to build a pier over the Gulf of Mexico.
Fact: Visitors can park at the property now and walk to the beach.