Repair of Alligator Point Road

Alligator Drive Road Repair Notes From Public Meeting January 12, 2019

Frank McColm and Sarah Kelley of F.C. McColm Consulting, the firm selected to oversee the coordination of Alligator Drive restoration, were on hand to give an update on the status of the ongoing road repair efforts.  The County utilizing federal grant money is currently seeking to acquire properties between Pelican Street and Tom Roberts Road so that area of Alligator Drive can be moved further inland from the heavily eroded shoreline.  In the meantime, they are working on a plan to temporarily stabilize the road.  They are seeking various funding options to hopefully avoid any direct fiscal impact to Alligator Point property owners.

They will emphasize community engagement throughout the process. They intend to post regular updates on the APSTA web site and try to attend APSTA on the second saturday of each month going forward. 

President McCloy added that the APSTA website ( has been updated to include current information on issues such as Alligator Drive repair.  There is also an area for posting questions.

McColm said a timeline for repair work will be established following an upcoming meetings with FEMA.

Most folks are encouraged with the selection of McColm to oversee the road repair project.  A permanent solution will take time. McColm invited suggestions for streamlining the process.  Their email is dedicated to this repair process is

The possibility of Florida DOT taking ownership of Alligator Drive was raised.  There appears to be almost no possibility of this happening.

Public Meeting on Alligator Road Repair January 12, 2019 at 10:00 am

Alligator Point St Teresa Association has been in touch with M.C. McComb Consulting, the consulting company, who have been retained by the state to guide the road repair process. Their priorities include avoiding any financial burden on the Alligator Point property owners if possible.

McComb Consulting will provide information on the status regarding the Repair of Alligator Drive at a public meeting on January 12, 2019 at the Mission by the Sea Church.

Is it true Franklin County is Considering Having the Property Owners Paying the $562,000 FEMA Match for the Road Repair?

The county has indicated they do not have the money for the presently required match. The Bald Point Trust Fund does not have it. In the past the county has proposed the homeowners pay for road protection.

Is It True the County Has Suggested Abandoning the Road?

Recently in a report to the commission Alan Pierce suggested abandoning the road as an alternative.

Red Light On Alligator Drive Not Working

It was reported at the county commission on January 2, that someone had unplugged the generator operating the traffic light on Alligator Drive.  Discussion included actions to take regarding the perpetrator and getting the light working again.