September 17th Coastal Clean-up Collects 10+ Tons of Trash

Apalachicola Riverkeeper and its co-sponsors—Ocean Conservancy and the Franklin
County Departments of Parks & Recreation and Solid Waste & Recycling—thank the 349
intrepid volunteers, including 24 site coordinators, who helped clean up our beaches,
islands, bay, and river on a stormy September 17. The volunteers this year ranged in age
from 2 to 75+. According to estimates by coordinators, volunteers collected 10.93 tons
of trash: 364 bags of cans, bottles, cigarette butts, plastic, styrofoam, fishing gear, ropes,
and other litter—as well as a Darth Vader case, Tonka toy truck, skull of a wild hog,
bathroom sink full of oyster shells, fire hydrant, car headlight, refrigerator, bear trap, 9
baseball caps, men’s underwear, and a (half) bottle of rum.