Statement by Jim McCloy to APSTA Meeting December 8, 2019

Following the Special Meeting on Hurricane Michael Recovery held here at the Mission by the Sea, on October 20, 2018 it occurred to me that we are constantly working on solutions to our infrastructure and public service problems. Solutions that must be initiated and funded by Alligator Point property owners  because the county has made it clear that they will not support solutions where they have to spend any money or effort.

It is apparent that many property owners are frustrated with the lack of effort and financial support from Franklin County Government.

It is also apparent that the Franklin County Commission does not want to deal with the property owners at Alligator Point and the property owners do not want to deal with the Franklin County Commission.

Over the past several years it is clear that:

  • the commission does not want to deal with our complaints about law enforcement and ambulance response times,
  • our lack of services for the taxes we pay,
  • the lack of backup wells for the water system,
  • the indifference to our requests for permitting,
  • the lack of active participation in finding solutions to our infrastructure problems,
  • the county’s attitude that we find our own solutions and get a majority to support it, and find a way to pay for that solution,
  • their indifference to our beach parking and dogs on the  beach problems
  • their lack of political will to stop the bleeding in terms of financial loss every year relating to the hospital,
  • their lack of effort or communication regarding the previous damage to the road (and their solution “to have the State of Florida take it back.”
  • We find ourselves in the untenable situation for numerous reasons to be in a toxic relationship with Franklin County Government.
  • The recent full page add in the Tallahassee Democrat summarizes our current political situation the headline reads “Franklin Counties Forgotten Citizens, A Tale of Broken Promises & Abandonment by Government”


So, as a property owner I decided to quietly investigate the possibility of having Alligator Point\Bald Point annexed from Franklin County to Wakulla County.

Beginning on October 20, I contacted the Florida Legislature to determine if this was possible legislatively and if so, how. It requires a bill be filed and passed by the Legislature.

Once that was determined, I contacted officials in Wakulla County to determine their interest in annexing Alligator Point to Wakulla County. After lengthy discussions and due diligence by the county, they unofficially would not oppose an annexation.

I have recently communicated with the appropriate legislative offices and they are considering the possibility of moving forward on this issue.

I would emphasize that I have been working on this as private citizen\property owner as an exploratory possibility; it is time for all Alligator Point\Bald Point property owners to be made aware of this possibility.

I believe there is support for this unique approach to solve what appears to be a hopeless disconnect between property owners and Franklin County.  I further believe that all property owners should have an opportunity to weigh in on this important step.

I am making this statement today to inform the board of the possibility of annexing into Wakulla County and ask for your support to pursue this possibility going forward.