Turtle Season Begins May 1

Sea Turtle Season Begins May 1

Please help us protect our sea turtles, other wildlife, and their habitats. Please remember a few simple things to protect these magnificent creatures and their habitats:

1. Keep the beach dark. Do not use flashlights unless covered with a red filter.
2. Turn off all outside lights from 9pm to 7am.
3. Close drapes/blinds of windows that can be seen from the beach
4. No bonfires on the beach.
5. No vehicles on the beach.
6. Remind neighbors to turn off their outside lights.
7. Do not use flash if taking pictures.
8. Do not allow pets, children, or anyone else to disturb turtles or their nests.
9. Please remove furniture, umbrellas, and other obstacles from the beach at night.
10. Pick up trash and debris that you see along the beaches, and be sure not to leave your own trash behind.
11. Give nesting sea turtles plenty of space and observe them from a distance.
12. Take care not to step on hatchlings heading to the water and let them crawl down the beach on their own.
13. While boating, take care not to strike sea turtles.
14. Report any stranded, injured, or dead sea turtles to APSTP at (850) 567-5369.