Alligator Point-Saint Teresa Association


October 20, 2018

Notes from Special Meeting on Hurricane Michael Recovery


A special meeting to provide information regarding Hurricane Michael recovery was held at Mission by the Sea Church at 10:00 AM on Saturday, October 20, 2018.


APSTA President, Jim McCloy opened the meeting by asking Eddie Sosebee to introduce Dominic Lida, Pastor of Mission by the Sea who offered a prayer.


McCloy next introduced Mary Louise Hester who is the local representative for Senator Bill Nelson’s office.  Hester said Senator Nelson supports the state assuming control of Alligator Drive.  She suggested residents aggressively lobby the state legislature to return ownership of Alligator Drive to the Florida Department of Transportation.  Hester also assured attendees that FEMA funds would be coming to the local area.


Allan Feifer attended the most recent Franklin County Commission meeting.  He spoke with Senator Marco Rubio who was at the meeting.  They discussed possible options for addressing the situation with Alligator Drive including:  1) lobby the state to assume ownership of Alligator Drive; 2) request a waiver to allow more mitigation money to be directed to Alligator Pt for road repair; and 3) apply for a Department of Agriculture grant to help facilitate mitigation.  Feifer supports the idea of Alligator Pt hiring a dedicated lobbyist for the goal of returning control of Alligator Drive to the state DOT.


McCloy recognized the superior work by the Water Board staff, especially Robin and Sarah, in restoring water service following the storm.


Bert Boldt, candidate for the District 2 county commission seat, said he was notified by the Supervisor of Elections Office that the Alligator Pt voting precinct (Mission by the Sea) would not be opened for the November 6 general election.  Voters would instead be directed to Chillas Hall in Lanark Village to vote.


Rick Watson, Franklin County Tax Collector, briefly addressed the group.  He said much like Alligator Pt, St George Island residents feel neglected by the county.  He suggested contacting DOT to see if they could do a temporary repair to Alligator Drive so that garbage trucks could access the west end.  Watson also said he would appreciate voter’s support in the upcoming election.


McCloy expressed the appreciation of the Alligator Pt community to Emory Mayfield for the work he did making Alligator Drive passable for vehicular traffic.  He also announced the following:

-        several insurance adjusters and agents are in attendance and available to assist.

-        information discussed at today’s meeting will be available on the APSTA website.

-        McCloy expressed local residents’ frustration in lack of attention shown them by the Franklin County Commissioners.

-        contact information for state senators and representatives will be posted on APSTA website.

-        residents need to register any property damage with FEMA.

-        DOT has agreed to assist the county with debris pickup.

-        roadside debris needs to be separated according to guidelines set by county.

-        for any insurance complaints, policyholders should contact the Consumer Affairs Office of the State of Florida Chief Financial Officer at 877-693-5326.

-        Mediacom will forgive billing for the duration of cable outage if you contact them after your service is restored.

-        the state EOC will help find work for dislocated workers.


Marvin Heymann mentioned the need for the traffic lights to be replaced at the damaged section of Alligator Drive.


Betty Cummins said emergency repair permits can only be acquired from the county Building Department in Apalachicola.


One resident suggested Alligator Pt set up a special taxing district so that local tax dollars could be earmarked for local projects.


There being no further business, McCloy concluded the meeting at 11:10 a.m.




Respectfully submitted,



John Murphy, Secretary

















Jim McCloy  President, Marvin Heymann 1st Vice president, Bert Boldt 2nd Vice President, John Murphy Secretary, Carol Rippee Treasurer


Board of Directors

Allan Feifer, Joe Hambrose, Sean Kearns, Mike Lester,  Judy Lewis, Kay McCord, Jerry Metts, Bill McMillan, Andrea Novak, Ken Osborne