Alligator Point-Saint Teresa Association

Board of Directors Meeting

January 12, 2019




The January meeting of the Alligator Pt-St Teresa Association Board of Directors was called to order by President Jim McCloy at 10:00 am on Saturday, January 12, 2019, at Mission by the Sea Church on Alligator Drive.  Board members in attendance:  McCloy, Heymann, Boldt, Murphy, Rippee, Feifer, Hambrose, Kearns, Lester, Lewis, McCord, McMillan, Metts, Novak and Osborne.


Approval of Minutes:

Motion by Osborne, seconded by McCord to accept the December Board of Directors minutes as distributed.  It was adopted without objection.


Approval of Treasurer Report:

Motion by Feifer, seconded by Lester to accept Treasurer's report. It was adopted without objection.  Current balance of $45,826.


David Telesco, Bear Management Program Coordinator with FWC was present to discuss and answer questions regarding bear-human interactions.  He said Alligator Point was a statewide model on how to deal with bears correctly.  In the past year, there were two attempts to capture nuisance bears.  Neither attempt was successful, but another attempt is forthcoming.

Bears are a part of life in the Alligator Point area.  Effectively dealing with them requires the removal of all food sources (garbage, pet food, bird seed, etc.) from accessible locations.  It is okay to compost vegetable matter and to recycle so long as containers are thoroughly rinsed.  It is also a good practice to frighten any bears which enter your yard so that they will associate a negative experience with human interaction.  Appropriate methods of frightening bears include paint balls, air horns, motion-activated jet sprayer.  Never use penetrating projectiles such as pellet guns or rock salt.

Since 1970, Florida has seen 15 people injured by bears – a very rare occurrence.

To report a problem bear, call FWC at 850-265-3676.


Commissioner Bert Boldt briefly addressed attendees reminding them that he is now their point of access to Franklin County government, and that he is a steward for county finance and governance.


Frank McColm and Sarah Kelley of FC McColm Consulting, the firm selected to oversee the coordination of Alligator Drive restoration, were on hand to give an update on the status of the ongoing road repair efforts.  The County is currently seeking to acquire properties between Pelican Street and Tom Roberts Road so that that area of Alligator Drive can be moved further inland from the heavily eroded shoreline.  In the meantime, the existing road will be temporarily stabilized.  McColm hopes to have community engagement throughout the process.  They are seeking various funding options to hopefully avoid any direct fiscal impact to Alligator Point property owners.

President McCloy added that the APSTA website ( has been updated to include current information on issues such as Alligator Drive repair.  There is also an area for posting questions.

McColm said a timeline for repair work will be established following an upcoming meeting with FEMA.

Feifer expressed optimism over the selection of McColm to oversee our project.  He reiterated this would not be a quick fix, as it could take two to three years to complete.  We should seek out any options with might shorten the process.  McColm invited suggestions for streamlining the process.  Their email is

The possibility of Florida DOT taking ownership of Alligator Drive was raised.  There appears to be almost no possibility of this happening.


Committee Reports:


Social - McCord announced the December 15 holiday dinner at Angelo’s was well-attended.  The next function will be held on February 16 at 6:30pm at Posey’s Restaurant.  It will be a buffet.  Cost, $16 per person.


Membership – Metts reported membership renewal notices would be mailed in January.  She has applications if anyone needs one.  Dues are $30.

Email addresses are needed so that announcements and updates can be sent out to all members.


Beautification – no report.


Fire Department – Kearns informed the Board that the fire department had received an insurance settlement for damages resulting from Hurricane Michael.  The department recently purchased the lot on Tom Roberts Road adjacent to Harbor Point Realty as the location for the new fire station.  Construction will not begin until the sale of existing fire department properties to the county are finalized and permits are granted.

New bunker gear has been purchased for all fire fighters.

The fire department will request the county look into making the intersection immediately south of the current firehouse safer or else close that section of road.  Parts of the road cross fire department property and there are concerns over liability issues.

A free CPR class is being held this afternoon for anyone interested.


Old Business:


Possible annexation of Alligator Point/Bald Point.


Last month President McCloy announced that he had independently looked into the possibility of Alligator Point and Bald Point being annexed by Wakulla County due to inaction on the part of Franklin County in dealing with Alligator Point issues.  As a result of the APSTA Board of Directors approving a motion to investigate the advantages/disadvantages of such a move, unintended panic ensued on the part of the Franklin County Commission.  They have announced a special meeting on Tuesday, January 15 at 1:30pm to hear the opinions of local residents.

McCloy said he does not wish to be the “front man” on this issue, and that he is opposed to annexation if it resulted in the delay of repairs to Alligator Drive.  He feels the association should send a letter to all property owners explaining the current situation.

Feifer believes this is not the time to pursue annexation.  In discussion with Wakulla government officials, he was told the county had no interest in such a move before the issue with Alligator Drive was resolved and repairs made.  He was also told that Wakulla County needed to exercise due diligence period of two years regarding all aspects of annexation.

Feifer feels exploring annexation at this time will create ill will with the commissioners. 

On motion by Feifer, seconded by Osborne that APSTA requests the County to defer any public meetings on annexation until a future date.  In discussion, McCloy expressed his belief that the county will go forward with the meeting regardless of APSTA’s request.  The motion was approved.  McCloy will present APSTA’s request to the County Commission on Monday and will post their reply via email and the APSTA website.


Osborne made a motion to adjourn that was adopted without objection.  The meeting adjourned at 12:40 PM.



Respectfully submitted,



John Murphy, Secretary
























Jim McCloy President, Marvin Heymann 1st Vice president, Bert Boldt 2nd Vice President,

John Murphy Secretary, Carol Rippee Treasurer


Board of Directors

Allan Feifer, Joe Hambrose, Sean Kearns, Mike Lester, Judy Lewis, Kay McCord, Jerry Metts, Bill McMillan, Andrea Novak, Ken Osborne