Alligator Point-Saint Teresa Association


Board of Directors Meeting


The January meeting of the Alligator Pt-St Teresa Association Board of Directors was called to order by President Terry Madigan at 10:00 am on Saturday, January 13, 2018, at Mission by the Sea Church on Alligator Drive.  Board members in attendance:  Madigan, Murphy, Parker, Boldt, Feifer, Hambrose, Heymann, Lewis, Novak, Osborne, Rippee and Sosebee.


Captain Coulter with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office was in attendance to speak to the membership and answer questions.  Only minor incidents were reported at Alligator Point during the past month.


Approval of Minutes:

Motion by Novak, seconded by Rippee to accept the minutes of the December Board meeting as distributed adopted without objection.


Approval of Treasurer Report:

Motion by Parker, seconded by Fiefer to accept Treasurer's report adopted without objection. 


Committee Reports:


Membership – President Madigan noted that membership renewals have started coming in.  A

         membership renewal notice will be mailed out soon.  Feifer added that block captains have

         been active distributing flyers.


Beautification – Parker had nothing new to report on efforts to restore Alligator Pt recycling bin.


Fire Department – Parker reports Franklin County is awaiting an appraisal on the firehouse.


Franklin County Government – Feifer mentioned a recent decision by the Board of County

         Commissioners to allow public comments only at the beginning of meetings.  Also, there

         is a shortage of volunteers in Franklin County to serve as Guardians ad litem.  If anyone

         thinks they might be interested they should speak to Feifer for details.  RESTORE projects

         were discussed at a recent commission meeting.  County funding was mentioned as a

         possibility for some projects which didn’t qualify for RESTORE money.  A second

         company has shown interest in taking over the management of Weems Hospital.


Social Committee – Madigan noted the holiday dinner at Angelo’s was a success.


A preliminary draft of the “white paper” regarding the feasibility of establishing a toll system on Alligator Drive was submitted by Clary Consulting for the Board’s initial review and comment.  Parker says it is a viable solution however it’s quite expensive to set up and operate (approximately $1.4 million to build, and $170,000 annually for operational expenses).  Revenues generated by a toll were estimated to run around $427,000 per year.  Rippee noted these figures, especially “revenue generated”, were only rough estimates and that a traffic study is imperative if we want more concrete numbers.  Madigan confirmed Clary representative(s) will attend the next APSTA meeting to further explain the study and answer any questions.  There was some discussion over whether the toll revenue could be appropriated to county projects other than road repair/beach stabilization.  Parker explained that while toll collection would be a county function, the revenue must be directed to its intended use.


Old Business:


Per Madigan, Officer & Director insurance for APSTA has been renewed.


New Business:


Sosebee gave a brief history of the relationship between APSTA and Mission-by-the-Sea Church whereby APSTA contributes $50/month for use of the church facility as its monthly meeting venue.  He proposes raising that amount to $100/month and subsequently made a motion to that effect.  The motion was seconded by Osborne and adopted without objection.  Sosebee will notify the church of the Board’s decision.


Feifer discussed APSTA’s now inactive Development Committee.  This committee formerly kept track of the agendas of the Board of Adjustment, Planning & Zoning, and the Board of County Commissioners in order to identify any proposed construction projects which may have an adverse effect on our local community.  He noted the reactivation of a similar committee by the Lanark community and recommends APSTA do likewise.  On motion by Osborne that the APSTA Development Committee be reestablished, seconded by Boldt, was adopted without objection.


Madigan brought up the “official” name of our organization.  Our corporate name remains ALLIGATOR POINT TAXPAYERS ASSOCIATION however the Board changed its name to ALLIGATOR POINT-SAINT TERESA ASSOCIATION a few years ago.  He suggested we maintain our official name and adopt our current name as a fictitious title to operate under.  On motion by Sosebee, seconded by Parker to add ALLIGATOR POINT-SAINT TERESA ASSOCIATION as our DBA title, adopted without objection.


There being no further business, on Motion by Parker that the meeting adjourn, was adopted without objection.  The meeting adjourned at 11:16 AM.


Respectfully submitted,



John Murphy, Secretary





Terry Madigan President, Paul Parker 1st Vice president, Eddie Sosebee 2nd Vice President, John Murphy Secretary, Coman Leonard Treasurer

Board of Directors

Bert Boldt, Allan Feifer, Joe Hambrose,  Marvin Heymann, Judy Lewis, Kay McCord, Jerry Metts,

Andrea Novak, Ken Osborne, Carol Rippee