Alligator Point-Saint Teresa Association

Board of Directors Meeting

March 9, 2019




The March meeting of the Alligator Pt-St Teresa Association Board of Directors was called to order by President Marvin Heymann at 10:00 am on Saturday, March 9, 2019, at Mission by the Sea Church on Alligator Drive.  Board members in attendance:  Heymann, Houston, Murphy, Rippee, Feifer, Hambrose, Lewis, McCord, McMillan and Novak.  *(subsequent to the February BOD meeting, two members resigned from the Board.  They were President Jim McCloy and Sean Kearns.  As directed in our By-laws, First Vice-president, Marvin Heymann assumed the role of President and Second Vice-president, Ben Houston moved into the First Vice-president position.  Vacancies were created for Second Vice-president and one Board member.)


Sheriff’s Report:

Sheriff A.J. Smith and Captain Coulter of the FCSO addressed the membership.  Sheriff Smith said his department is preparing for increased traffic during spring break and the upcoming summer months.  There will be a deputy assigned to Alligator Pt on Saturdays and Sundays to enforce parking ordinances and reduce disorderly behavior.  Sheriff Smith asked that anyone witnessing prohibited acts to notify his office.  He is also trying to resolve issues with the 9-1-1 system…notably that some area residents when placing a 9-1-1 call are routed to the Wakulla Co Sheriff’s Office.   Sheriff Smith announced that he will be running for re-election in 2020 and would appreciate our support.

Capt. Coulter gave a summary of calls involving Alligator Pt/Bald Pt responded to by FCSO deputies.


Approval of Minutes:

Motion by Novak, seconded by Rippee to accept the February Board of Directors minutes as distributed, was adopted without objection.


Approval of Treasurer Report:

Motion by Novak, seconded by Houston to accept Treasurer's report, was adopted without objection.  Current balance of $44,800.  Rippee informed the Board the bill to reinstate our D&O insurance has been paid.  Also that the organization’s corporation information has been updated on the Florida Secretary of State’s website.

President Heymann has been asked by Mission by the Sea if the APSTA insurance policy protects attendees in the event they are injured during a meeting at the church.  That would likely be covered under the church’s liability insurance.  Rippee will look into it.


Committee Reports:


Road ProtectionNovak gave a brief account of the duties and goals of her committee.  She then introduced Sarah Kelty and Brittany of FC McColm Consultants who gave an update on recent progress.  On February 24 they met with the Road Protection Committee.  Primary focus is on acquiring the necessary properties to allow for Alligator Drive to be moved inland in the area of the heaviest erosion.  A concerted effort between federal, state, county and outside consultants is necessary.  McColm hopes that improvements to the temporary road as proposed by Franklin County will help resolve the dust issue, and that expanding the temporary road to two lanes will eliminate the need for traffic signals which cost the county several thousand dollars each month.  Franklin County will perform the improvements to the temporary road and submit the bill to FEMA.  County engineers will handle this phase, however an outside engineers will need to be hired to assist with any permanent solutions.  President Heymann asked if McColm could produce an expected timeline on the project.  Kelty said a solid plan for a working solution is necessary for any timeline.  Regarding property acquisitions for road relocation, Kelty said 99 letters have been sent to property owners and 17 of them have returned paperwork.  Still others have expressed interest in selling their property to the county. 

Novak presented her committee report:  The committee met on Sunday, February 24.  Sarah Kelty of FC McColm Consulting (FCMC) attended this meeting.  Items discussed were:

1)     Road placement inward or seaward:  Inland road will be the focus until this plan is not possible. Stopping this plan would be the inability to purchase homes needed for road placement.  The consultants are having difficulty locating owners who own secondary homes on Alligator Point and finding current phone numbers for them.  For example, one person was finally located in Ohio.  The engineering firm will make a recommendation to the Franklin County Commissioners who will make the final decision on the rebuilding of the road.

2)     Temporary Road:  FEMA may be reluctant to provide funding for a temporary berm to help stabilize the road since it will erode. There will be a site meeting of representatives from FEMA, the county and the state on February 25 to discuss the road.  It is hoped that the improvements to the temporary road will begin in the next few months. The dust issue will be considered in this project.
FC McColm may be helpful in getting a waiver from DEP.  It was discussed that possible reinforced earth could be used which is cheap and benign to the environment.  We expressed to Sarah that people are tired of waiting and she understands that this project is a high priority.

3)     Locating a 30 year erosion plat:  Approximately 29 homes on Alligator Point have been lost to erosion.  Another 20 homes are projected to be lost.  There is approximately 6 ½ feet of erosion a year on Chip Morrison.  It is the second highest erosion rate in the state.  Some houses in the area are experiencing 3 ½ feet of erosion per year.  Sarah agrees that she would try to locate this plat. She also has other maps that may be helpful to the community.

4)     Approximately 800 lots and 456 water meters on Alligator Point:  The home owners on Alligator Point should not be the only people paying if the community is asked to contribute to this project.  Bald Point home owners should also be considered in contributing to the project.  Our committee has three members on the west side of the temporary road and two members from Bald Point. Our purpose is not to make a decision about the road, but to provide any help to the people who will be making these decisions.

5)     Protecting property and lives:  Sarah stated that this is a critical issue that will help build the narrative and increase opportunities for federal grant funding.  Sarah was aware of the fire engine which had to cross the beach for a fire when the road was not passable.  Sarah discussed areas where money may be available. Frank McColm said at an earlier APSTA meeting that the Army Corps of Engineers may be able to put beach front renourishment on a rotation to provide needed replacement in future years.

On motion Novak, seconded by Houston that (FCMC) have their own pages on the APSTA website to post maps, provide questions and answers and other material Frank and/or Sarah determine are helpful to share with the community. This information will come from McColm and will not be altered in any way…was adopted without objection.  McMillan will investigate logistics and cost of adding additional pages to the APSTA website.

Feifer noted that two years ago Commissioner Sanders proposed $20K be allocated towards temporary road improvements.  That money was never spent.  It was suggested APSTA find out if the funding is still available.

President Heymann asked if the Road Protection Committee should look into whether the new access road at Bald Pt State Park is scheduled to be extended to the north end as presented in their original plan.

Elections – President Heymann announced the need to replace the two Board vacancies.  McMillan noted that the “next highest vote recipient” in the last Board of Directors election was Michelle Darpel.  She is no longer interested in serving on the Board, however her husband, Gary Darpel is.

On motion by Houston, seconded by Hambrose to appoint Gary Darpel to fill one of the Board member vacancies, passed without objection.

Additionally, Carol Kimbrough was asked if she might be interested in the other vacancy.  She said she would think it over and give an answer at the next Board meeting.


Social - McCord gave a brief account of the duties and goals of her committee.  The primary goal is to bring members of the community together.


Membership – There is currently no chair for this committee.  Georgianne Metts said she isn’t interested.  Novak and McMillan agreed to co-chair the committee.  It was mentioned that former President McCloy has APSTA items and documents which need to be returned.  President Heymann will take care of this.  Also, membership renewal notices need to be printed and mailed.   In further discussion, it was suggested APSTA need a public relations person to improve community relations.  Currently, APSTA represents a small percentage of property owners.  We need to engage the others and listen to all voices in the community.  Feifer suggested a “Message from the President” explaining APSTA’s accomplishments, projects, goals, etc.  President Heymann said he would compile the letter and send it out to the Board for comments.


Beautification – no report.


Report on Franklin County BOCC – Houston serves as the liaison between APSTA and Franklin County government.  At future APSTA Board of Directors meetings, Houston has volunteered to bring coffee and doughnuts for attendees.  APSTA will reimburse him for his expenses.

Houston reports the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office will be offering a course on concealed/carry of firearms.  They will also provide residents with refrigerator magnets with important phone number.  They hope to reestablish a neighborhood watch program on Alligator Point.  The Sheriff is also willing to start stringently enforcing the speed limits, however he wants the entire community to know that this will apply to all motorists.  He would like some community input before moving forward.

Feifer added that the BOCC held an emergency meeting to approve a $5K donation to the Franklin County High School basketball team to help defray the cost of travel to the state championship.

Website – McMillan has recruited Diane Murkowski and Michelle Darpel to serve as APSTA’s webmasters/community relations team.  He also expressed the need for a new Facebook page as the former one now takes users to an alternate community page.


New Business:


Feifer announced Franklin County is searching for additional C.E.R.T. (Community Emergency Response Team) members for Alligator Pt.  The position requires a class.  Please notify Feifer of your interest.


Feifer offered his resignation from the Board of Directors due to the current contentious relationship between APSTA and a new Alligator Pt organization.  President Heymann accepted the resignation.


The question was raised as to whether the beach access parking sites should be reserved or better regulated to allow parking for local property owners only.  The issue will be looked into.


Houston made a motion to adjourn that was adopted without objection.  The meeting adjourned at 12:07 PM.



Respectfully submitted,



John Murphy, Secretary





















Marvin Heymann President, Ben Houston, 1st Vice president,  vacant, 2nd Vice President,

John Murphy Secretary, Carol Rippee Treasurer


Board of Directors

Allan Feifer, Joe Hambrose, Mike Lester, Judy Lewis, Kay McCord, Jerry Metts, Bill McMillan, Andrea Novak, Ken Osborne, vacant (one director)