Alligator Point-Saint Teresa Association


Board of Directors Meeting


The March meeting of the Alligator Pt-St Teresa Association Board of Directors was called to order by President Terry Madigan at 10:00 am on Saturday, March 10, 2018, at Mission by the Sea Church on Alligator Drive.  Board members in attendance:  Madigan, Murphy, Boldt, Feifer, Hambrose, Heymann, McCord, Metts, Osborne, Rippee and Sosebee.


APSTA Board member, Bert Boldt, announced his candidacy for the District Two seat on the Franklin County Board of County Commissioners.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


Approval of Minutes:

Motion by Feifer, seconded by Hambrose to accept the minutes of the February Board meeting as distributed adopted without objection.


Approval of Treasurer Report:

On February 13, Madigan had notified the Board by email that Treasurer Leonard, having sold his Alligator Point property, was resigning his position with APSTA.  Madigan proposed Board member Carol Rippee as Leonard’s replacement and requested that Board members approve her appointment immediately, on an interim basis, until ratification at the next Board meeting. Board members responded with their approval, and no objections.  At the March 10 Board meeting, Madigan requested that the appointment be ratified and formally approved by the Board. Upon motion made by Madigan, the Board voted on the appointment and Rippee was unanimously approved by the Board as Treasurer, to complete the remaining term of that office which had been vacated by Leonard.

Motion by Feifer, seconded by Hambrose to accept Treasurer's report adopted without objection. 


Franklin County Administrator, Alan Pierce was present to discuss options relating to the protection of Alligator Drive.  He noted the conclusion of FEMA’s environmental assessment on the repair of the Hermine-damaged section of Alligator Drive.  Work is projected to begin following the conclusion of hurricane season.  In an effort to protect this vulnerable portion of Alligator Drive, the County is proposing a limited beach renourishment project funded primarily by the State using RESTORE money.  Subsequent maintenance costs are estimated at $250K/year and would likely fall on the Alligator Point community.  Pierce mentioned three possible funding sources:  a special assessment (MSBU or MSTU) on Alligator Point properties; a toll collection system as proposed by Clary Consulting (see February minutes); and a more simplified toll collection/paid parking system (a new proposal which had just recently been suggested by Allan Feifer as a an idea to look into further) which would have much lower start up and operational costs.  Pierce believes high costs associated with the Clary toll proposal make it an unacceptable option.  Feifer presented the second toll option.  His proposal is very rudimentary and requires further development, however both startup and operational costs (guesstimated) would be a fraction of the Clary plan.  Combining it with metered parking in the 100 spaces (a stipulation of State beach renourishment funding) would possibly generate enough revenue to adequately cover the annual renourishment expenses.

During extensive discussion, Pierce was asked if sand used to renourish the beach might eventually end up (via littoral drift) at the western tip of Alligator Point, and possibly cause the eventual closure of Alligator Harbor.  Pierce said a coastal engineer would need to answer that question.  He was also asked if it would make sense to extend the proposed renourishment project, while equipment was in place, to include the Gulf Shore Boulevard area.  Pierce said the expense of expanding the project would likely not be approved.  Regarding property assessment as a funding source, it was asked about the possibility of using a flat fee for each platted lot regardless of value.  Using this method it was estimated that charging an annual fee of $160 would cover the cost of maintenance.  Pierce questioned the fairness of assessing a $10,000 interior lot the same as a million dollar beachfront home.  Pierce also addressed a suggestion to relocate the threatened section of Alligator Drive.  He said this option had been looked at but it would require a great deal of property acquisition and the construction of a bridge over a navigable canal.  He said the costs were prohibitive.

Before departing, Pierce asked APSTA to come to a consensus on a funding plan the community finds acceptable and to present it at a future county commission meeting.


Discussion of the beach renourishment maintenance funding continued after Pierce’s departure.  There was a motion by Metts to have Feifer present his alternate tolling/parking fee plan to the county commission.  Sosebee feels the plan needs further development before going before the commission.  Feifer would like to get more solid figures for his plan, then offer it to the local community for public input before presenting it to the commission.  Metts withdrew his motion.


Committee Reports:


Membership – Madigan reports membership renewals continue to come in.


Beautification – no report.


Fire Department – no report.


Franklin County Government – no report.


Social Committee – McCord reminded members about the “Biddie Bash” and lunch at Tropical

         Trader following today’s meeting.


Old Business:




New Business:




Carol Kimbrough thanked APSTA on behalf of the Mission By The Sea for their increased contribution to the church for use of their facilities.


There being no further business, on Motion by Osborne that the meeting adjourn, was adopted without objection.  The meeting adjourned at 12:02 PM.


Respectfully submitted,



John Murphy, Secretary





Terry Madigan President, Paul Parker 1st Vice president, Eddie Sosebee 2nd Vice President, John Murphy Secretary, Carol Rippee Treasurer

Board of Directors

Bert Boldt, Allan Feifer, Joe Hambrose,  Marvin Heymann, Judy Lewis, Kay McCord, Jerry Metts,

Andrea Novak, Ken Osborne