Alligator Point-Saint Teresa Association


Board of Directors Meeting


The May meeting of the Alligator Pt-St Teresa Association Board of Directors was called to order by President Terry Madigan at 10:00 am on Saturday, May 12, 2018, at Mission by the Sea Church on Alligator Drive.  Board members in attendance:  Madigan, Rippee, Parker, Murphy, Boldt, Feifer, Hambrose, Heymann, McCord, Metts, Osborne and Novak.


Sheriff’s Report:

Captain Coulter with FCSO gave a re-cap of calls related to Alligator Point over the past month.  Many involved illegal parking.  Six vehicles were towed the previous weekend.  A deputy will be on duty at the Point on weekends throughout the summer.  He also thanked the APVFD for allowing the firehouse to be used as living quarters for a new deputy.


Candidates for Local Office:

Bert Boldt, candidate for the District 2 county commission seat, gave brief remarks regarding his platform.


Approval of Minutes:

Motion by Feifer, seconded by Rippee to accept the minutes of the April Board meeting as distributed adopted without objection.


Approval of Treasurer Report:

Treasurer Rippee reports dues from membership renewals are still coming in.

Motion by Novak, seconded by McCord to accept Treasurer's report adopted without objection. 


Board of Directors Vacancy:

President Madigan addressed the current vacancy on the Board of Directors created when member Rippee assumed the Treasurer’s role.  Traditionally, vacancies have been filled by the person receiving the next highest number of votes, however that person, Bonnie Steltzenmuller is not a member of APSTA.  On motion by Feifer, seconded by Novak to appoint Jim McCloy to fill the position adopted without objection.


June Community Meeting:

The next order of business was to discuss and plan the upcoming community meeting of June 9, 2018.  Before discussion began, Feifer noted that Board member Lewis, along with others in the community, feel that if additional parking is created at the old KOA site in order to receive funds for road protection, then all other beach access points should be closed to all but Alligator Point property owners, guests and renters of those properties, which was the original reason for deeded beach access points.  They were never intended as general public access points.  opposed any projects which require additional visitor parking on Alligator Point.

Feifer informed the Board that the Franklin County Commission (FCC) is prepared to go forward with a plan to protect the most vulnerable section of Alligator Drive.  This plan would involve placing “sacrificial sand” along the shoreline to neutralize wave energy associated with strong storms in the hopes of limiting damage to Alligator Drive.  The initial project would be funded by RESTORE money, however periodic maintenance costs will be the responsibility of Alligator Point property owners.  The FCC would like to know the wishes of local property owners regarding options for paying the projected ($250K/annually) maintenance costs.

A facilitator, Gail Reigelmeyer, has been retained to keep the meeting on track.  County Administrator, Alan Pierce, will attend the meeting and will present the County’s plan.

One of the first issues raised was that if a vote is to be taken at the meeting, should, a) each property be given one vote, or b) each property owner be given a single vote regardless of how many properties they own.

McCloy went through a PowerPoint presentation which will give a history of the road situation; the status of the road being repaired by FEMA; the road preservation project funded by RESTORE money; and finally, funding future maintenance costs.

Funding options under consideration include: 1) create a toll system whereby users pay to access Alligator Drive; 2) create paid parking lots for visitors coming to use the beaches; 3) institute a Municipal Service Benefit Unit (MSBU) which spreads the maintenance costs among all residents of Alligator Point, Bald Point, Gulf Shore Boulevard, Pine Street, etc.; and 4) take no position and let the County decide which course to take.

Osborne made a motion to rent professional audio and video equipment to ensure all attendees are able to follow the proceedings.

McCloy made a motion to table the Osborne motion.  Both motions were subsequently withdrawn.

On Motion by Feifer, seconded by Novak to hold a “hard count” to determine attendees’ sentiment, was adopted on a vote of 7 Yeas, 5 Nays.

The vote held at the Special Board of Directors meeting to retain Gail Reigelmeyer to act as meeting facilitator was reaffirmed by the entire Board.

The June Community meeting will commence at 10am.  A deputy will be requested to be present at the meeting.


Old Business:




New Business:




Committee Reports:


Franklin County Government – Feifer reported repair work on Alligator Drive is on track.


Membership – McCloy reports 42 members from 2017 have yet to renew for 2018.  He will ask Board members to contact some of these people to encourage them to renew.  Georgianne Metts will have membership applications available at the June meeting.


Beautification – no report.


Fire Department – no report.


Social Committee – McCord is planning to schedule a cookout in the coming weeks.


Website – no report.


There being no further business, on Motion by Feifer that the meeting adjourn, was adopted without objection.  The meeting adjourned at 11:51 AM.



Respectfully submitted,



John Murphy, Secretary





Terry Madigan President, Paul Parker 1st Vice president, Eddie Sosebee 2nd Vice President, John Murphy Secretary, Carol Rippee Treasurer

Board of Directors

Bert Boldt, Allan Feifer, Joe Hambrose,  Marvin Heymann, Judy Lewis, Jim McCloy, Kay McCord, Jerry Metts,

Andrea Novak, Ken Osborne