Alligator Point-Saint Teresa Association


Board of Directors Meeting


The August meeting of the Alligator Pt-St Teresa Association Board of Directors was called to order by President Terry Madigan at 10:00 am on Saturday, August 11, 2018, at Mission by the Sea Church on Alligator Drive.  Board members in attendance:  Madigan, Rippee, Murphy, Boldt, Feifer, Hambrose, Heymann, McCloy, McCord, Metts and Novak.


Sheriff’s Report:

Lieutenant Sandoval with FCSO gave a re-cap of calls related to Alligator Point over the past month.  Laurie McCarter asked about enforcement of the STOP sign at the intersection of Tom Roberts Road and Harbor Circle.  She says few people stop and it’s a dangerous situation.  Boldt asked again if it would be possible to set one of the temporary electric signs to remind motorists of the 45 MPH speed limit along Alligator Drive between Pine Street and Bald Point Road.  Sandoval apologized for not having this taken care of already and assured the Board he would.


Approval of Minutes:

On motion by Rippee, seconded by McCord to accept the minutes of the July Board meeting as amended was adopted without objection.


Approval of Treasurer Report:

Treasurer Rippee reports three new members.  On motion by Novak, seconded by McCord to accept Treasurer's report adopted without objection. 


Local resident Laurie McCarter presented a plan for landscaping the “welcome garden” located at the intersection of Alligator Drive and Gulf Shore Boulevard.  She is proposing a two-year project with the first year devoted to trying a variety of plants to see which ones succeed.  The second year would involve supplemental planting of plants which were successful.  She would like to replace most of the oyster shell with pine straw.  Estimated costs for the first year of the project is approximately $170.  On motion by Rippee, seconded by Feifer to spend up to $200 for the first year, adopted without objection.


Feifer informed the Board that a traffic counting device was recently installed on Alligator Drive near the US 98 intersection.  Regrettably, it has been vandalized three times however data losses were minimal.  To date, the average daily vehicle count is 385.

Rippee has analyzed the results of the vote taken at the June special meeting regarding the financing of beach restoration for the purpose of preserving Alligator Drive.  The breakdown of votes were: 1) Create a toll road – 4 votes; 2) Institute an MSBU – 8 votes; 3) Use a combined system of toll road and MSBU – 32 votes; 4) Take no action – 40 votes.  Rippee noted that the comments on many of the “take no action” ballots indicated many people did want to go forward on the project but they didn’t have enough information to make a decision.  Many comments also indicated a desire to see paid parking included as part of any funding source.

On motion by Rippee to create a standing committee on Alligator Drive preservation whose duties would include researching various road protection options such as beach renourishment, bridges, T-groins, breakwaters, etc.  To find the approximate costs involved in each of those methods.  And to find viable funding sources for each.  In comments, it was pointed out the Franklin County Commission was satisfied with the split community sentiment, and they were willing to take no action as a result.  Also, it was suggested APSTA should take no action, but rather wait on the County to make the first move towards a resolution.

On substitute motion by Feifer, seconded by Heymann to create an independent standing committee on Alligator Drive preservation, adopted without objection.  Members appointed to the committee:  Novak, Rippee, Feifer, Kathy Yeager, Jo DeHaven, Bill McMillan and Gary Darpel.  The committee will adopt an official title and a mission statement prior to the September Board of Directors meeting.


Kathy Yeager asked if it might be possible to ask the County if oyster shell could be used to surface the dirt, one-lane section of Alligator Drive to help alleviate the dust problem.  Feifer said he doubted the County would be willing to take any action since it’s a temporary road.


Committee Reports:


Fire Department – Murphy announced CPR/AED training will be held on September 1 following the General and Board of Directors meetings.  A sign-up sheet is located at the front table.  Participation is free of cost.  VFD President Sean Kearns reports regular firefighter training is continuing.


Franklin County Government – Feifer reports the repair work on the one-lane section of Alligator Drive requires four DEP permit which FEMA will acquire sequentially, thus adding more waiting for repair work to commence – possibly until 2020.

The Franklin County Commission voted to limit public comment at county commission meetings to responses to agenda items.  Both Gulf and Wakulla county commissions allow for public more public comment.

TRIM notices will be sent out soon.  The County has rolled back it’s millage rate, however because of an increase in property values the Alligator Point area might see as much as a 2.5% increase in taxes.  Additionally, county school taxes are expected to increase while the APWRD tax rate is likely to fall.


Membership –Georgianne Metts reports one new APSTA members.


Beautification – no report.


Elections/Nominating Committee Report:

President Madigan announced the slate of candidates received Board approval via e-mail, and the ballots were mailed early in the week (slightly behind schedule due to the June special meeting).  Candidate biographies will be sent via e-mail.  Novak stated that due to health issues, she was unable to make her desire to be considered as candidate for President until August 6.  She asked if she could be added to the official ballot.  Madigan declined since ballots had already been mailed and some were already being returned.  After lengthy discussion, Madigan said that in the “candidate bio” e-mail, we would include Novak’s name as a write-in candidate for President.


Website – no report.


Social Committee – The cookout as McCord’s house begins upon adjournment of today’s meeting.


Old Business:




New Business:


Bob Hoezle asked if the need for an improved boat ramp at Alligator Pt could be added to the agenda for the Board of Directors meeting.  It was agreed to.


There being no further business, on Motion by McCloy that the meeting adjourn, was adopted without objection.  The meeting adjourned at 11:44 AM.



Respectfully submitted,



John Murphy, Secretary





Terry Madigan President, Paul Parker 1st Vice president, Eddie Sosebee 2nd Vice President, John Murphy Secretary, Carol Rippee Treasurer

Board of Directors

Bert Boldt, Allan Feifer, Joe Hambrose,  Marvin Heymann, Judy Lewis, Jim McCloy, Kay McCord, Jerry Metts,

Andrea Novak, Ken Osborne