Alligator Point-Saint Teresa Association


Special Board of Directors Meeting


A special Board of Directors meeting of the Alligator Pt-St Teresa Association was held at the home of Allan Feifer at 2:30 pm on Sunday, May 6, 2018.  The purpose of the special meeting was to meet Gail Riegelmayer who is being considered to serve as facilitator for an upcoming APSTA General Membership Meeting on the subject of funding options for the periodic maintenance of a proposed road preservation project.  Board members in attendance:  Rippee, Parker, Murphy, Boldt, Feifer, Hambrose, Heymann, Lewis, McCord, Metts, Osborne and Novak.


Feifer introduced Ms. Riegelmayer who then addressed the members and gave a brief account of her work experience and qualifications as meeting facilitator.


Regarding the General Membership meeting to address funding options for the road preservation maintenance, Riegelmayer stressed the importance of first presenting an historical account of previous efforts to resolve the problem of Alligator Drive washing out during some storm events.  Secondly, solutions both approved (Alligator Drive repair/armoring, funded by FEMA) and being proposed (road preservation via the addition of sand to buffer the most vulnerable section of road, funded by RESTORE money) would be explained.

Finally, the issue of funding for periodic maintenance of road preservation will be addressed.  The Franklin County Commission has indicated this financial burden will be shouldered by the Alligator Point community.  Options currently under consideration include the assessment of a Municipal Service Benefit Unit (MSBU).  The MSBU could be levied only on property owners directly benefiting from the project, or it could be expanded to include all properties (Bald Pt, Pine St, Gulf Shore Blvd, etc.) serviced by County Road 370.  Another option is to create a toll road system on Alligator Drive whereby both residents and visitors would help fund road preservation.  A third option is to install metered parking at all designated public parking areas.  It is likely that option three would need to be done in conjunction with one of the other two options.


At this point, Riegelmayer left the room so that the Board could discuss retaining her services.  Her fee of $1,500 would include meeting with Board members to discuss the subject matter; pre-planning before the General Membership meeting; facilitating the General Membership meeting; and provide post-meeting deliverables/results to the Board of Directors.


On motion by Novak, seconded by Feifer to retain Gail Riegelmayer as facilitator for the General Membership meeting at a cost of $1,500, was adopted without objection.


An Ad Hoc Committee comprised of Feifer, Parker, Boldt and Jim McCloy was formed to prepare a list of options to be presented to APSTA membership.


There being no further business, on Motion by Parker that the meeting adjourn, was adopted without objection.  The meeting adjourned at 3:53 PM.



Respectfully submitted,



John Murphy, Secretary





Terry Madigan President, Paul Parker 1st Vice president, Eddie Sosebee 2nd Vice President, John Murphy Secretary, Carol Rippee Treasurer

Board of Directors

Bert Boldt, Allan Feifer, Joe Hambrose,  Marvin Heymann, Judy Lewis, Kay McCord, Jerry Metts,

Andrea Novak, Ken Osborne