RESTORE Coordinator Report June 18, 2019


1-  Provide Board with copy of letter generated on my behalf by Michael Moron requesting a time extension on the Airport Road Access Project. FDOT recommended we ask for an extension because of the delays incurred on this project due to hurricane Michael.


2-  Board action to approve a Task Order for AVCON to create an assessment of the existing airport perimeter fence for FDOT. The Task Order is funded out of FDOT Grant No. 416047-6.   The integrity of the airport security fence is of great concern to FDOT for security purposes. Approximately 20 years ago, FDOT provided the funds to build a perimeter fence, and there is some concern that the fence has not been properly maintained.  Some of the fencing went through extremely dense, boggy areas for which we have had limited success in keeping the vegetation away from the fence.  Board action.


3-  Board action to accept the recommendation of AVCON that Roberts and Roberts is the low bidder on the Access Road project. The AVCON recommendation and review is attached. The low bid is above the grant amount so the Board should accept the recommendation and then direct AVCON to negotiate with Roberts and Roberts to bring the construction within the $860K budget.  Board action.


4-  Inform the Board that I have been in contact with Mike Dombrowski, of MRD Associates, regarding the county getting back on the FDEP funding list for beach renourishment projects. At one of the meetings in July, Mr. Dombrowski will be submitting a Resolution the Board needs to adopt stating that it is interested in receiving state matching funds for a beach renourishment project on Alligator Point. The project will be in keeping with what was discussed in 2017, which is a beach renourishment project about 1.2 miles long, and centered in front of the section of Alligator Drive that keeps washing out. The request to FDEP does not obligate the county but the window for getting a request to FDEP is by July 31 so that FDEP can prepare a list of projects for funding in the 2020 Legislature. If the county is not on the list, and does not receive funding, there will not be even the possibility of a beach renourishment project. The Board would not move forward with a project until the maintenance mechanism is in place, but if we are not allocated state funds there is no need to make any other decisions.


5-  Inform the Board that Clay Kennedy, Dewberry, and the associates at MRD, have succeeded in getting permit approval from the USACOE for rebuilding Alligator Drive. This was a major hurdle that was accomplished on time.  The FDEP approval is still being worked on. FDEP has asked for additional information and Dewberry has responded.  FDEP did extend the timeline for the Emergency Order so we have more time to complete the construction. As the Board is aware there are many moving parts with this project, and one of them relates to straightening out the curve at Tom Roberts. I have discussed the project timeline with Clay Kennedy and at this time I need to inform

the Board that it is necessary to move the date of bid opening back one county commission meeting, so the bids will now be opened for Alligator Drive on August 5.


6-  Inform the Board that the Army Corps of Engineers has contacted the county to let us know they will be at the Eastpoint Channel soon to complete a final evaluation of current conditions. The final evaluation should have occurred last week, but the Corps cancelled the trip and is re-scheduling it.


7-  Langton and Associates is here to make a presentation on the MYIP for two planning grants associated with a county wide dune restoration project, and a stormwater study for the commercial district on St. George Island.