APSTA Road Committee Report

13 July 2016



1)     Mention that the BCC moved the bid opening date for Alligator Drive repairs to August 5 due to continuing efforts to purchase additional right of way @the Tom Roberts curve. Both the road project and Water district will benefit from a right of way extension. To date those negotiations have not been successful, but recent developments may help the process (over to Bert if he is in attendance). Regardless, plans are being finalized using the old right of way and can be changed easily if the additional right of way can be secured. There should be no additional delays to the bidding process.

2)     The BCC has taken positive action recently towards a comprehensive solution for protection of the Alligator Drive repairs; a) approved application to FDEP for beach nourishment / roadway protection in next year’s legislative session, b) approved engineering update of the current road protection plan, and c) has begun exploring additional funding sources to complement the traditional MSBU method for funding long term maintenance. Absolutely nothing is settled at this point, but these actions are at a minimum, encouraging signs.

Request approval from Board to speak during the “public comments” portion of the next BCC meeting (Tuesday) to voice APSTA support for the positive BCC actions taken towards a comprehensive “roadway protection” solution, state our willingness to assist where possible, and continue working with the BCC to achieve that goal.

3)     Encourage everyone to contact our legislative team and request other folks of influence to express support for funding of the FDEP beach nourishment / road protection program during next year’s session. Without that funding, the process will not move forward. Contact info for our legislators will be posted on the APSTA website soon.